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IPO trials(including also Schutzund and VPG) consist of three phases - tracking, obedience and protection. In addition, dogs are required to pass a temperament test, (BH)which translates to ‘traffic-sure companion dog test' which tests their temperament and steadiness in crowded, noisy situations around strange people, before being allowed to advance to IPO. Dogs that exhibit fear, or inappropriate aggression, and those that are easily distracted will not pass the test and go onto IPO training.

Apart from assessing the dogs working ability, IPO training is used to reveal the character of a dog. This SPORT is not aimed to produce aggressive or bad tempered dogs on the contrary this training is aimed to promote:

Strong desire to work




Strong bond to the handler


Protective Instinct

In addition to completing obedience tests including heeling exercises, retrieving and recalls, the obedience phase tests the dog's ability to remain focused on the handler and the task it must perform in the face of various distractions. These distractions include heeling through a group of people, and gunshots are fired to test the dog's reaction to loud noises. The dog must also retrieve objects that are out of sight and behind obstacles such as A-frame walls. The dogs are judged on their accuracy and attitude and must show enthusiasm for the work.

My aim is to slowly introduce this training in Malta under the great help and supervision of my friend Guy Verschatse, being a very professional IPO, Schutzhund, Mondioring trainer and helper from Belgium. For now I am mainly aiming to introduce the first level of training being the BH where dogs are tested for temperament and their ability to do the bite and obedience work. I am very selective as to whom dogs I train and I am making this very clear: IPO training is a recognised SPORT and in no way I want to promote any aggressiveness or aggressive behaviour. I only train in a positive manner and dogs that in my judgment can take the handling without any repercussion.

Training is on individual basis where I personally work with each dog. No dog is to start bite work training prior the age of 8 months. I reserve the right to stop training any dog should I feel that my teaching is being abused/misused by the owner.

For further details please call me on 9944 2426 or use my contact page.


Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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