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Obedience /Pet Scheme

Obedience training ranges from very basic training, such as teaching the dog to reliably respond to basic commands such as "sit", "down", "come", and "stay", to high level competition, where additional commands, accuracy and performance are scored and judged.

Training a dog in obedience can be an ongoing and lengthy process depending on the dog, the methods used, and the skill and understanding of both the trainer and the handler. Our obedience training service is provided by certified and experienced trainer, using only positive training methods. You can opt for one to one training or join our next Pet Scheme Seminar for group training or One-to-One Basic Training Scheme


The aim of this scheme is to teach dog owners how to raise better pets that are good, trusted loyal companions. This seminar tries to bring forward all that is necessary for an average dog owner to have a happy cohabitation with his/her dog.  The PET Scheme consists of 2 parts - theoretical and practical


First theory session with Robert Spiteri covers major aspects of canine life - puppyhood, nutrition, establishing relationship with your dog, how dogs learn, types of training, addressing some behaviour issues etc etc.

Secong theory session is lead by the veterinarian and covers basic physiology of the dog, vaccination info, first aid etc



Practical part of the seminar can be booked separately and it is consists of 14 group sessions (1 session socialiazing, 12 training session and 1 test session). Participants of practical part, will receive logbook and certification, and also continuous support by the trainer.


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About One-to-One Basic Training Scheme (3 sessions)

This training package is aiming to give you and your dog a good base in obedience training , by developing a training program that will be most effective for your dog! One-to-one means you and your dog get personal attention of the trainer and he will monitor your progress and help you along the way. 

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I have worked with a lot of dogs and their owners over the years in both  training and behaviour modification & reabilitation, and here you can find some of the testimonials from several of my clients...

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