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Winning in the show ring is a joint effort between the dog and its handler. Think of shows as a canvas, the handler as an artist and the dog as the work of art. The handler has only about 3 minutes to display this work of art and make an impact on the judge. Hence, one needs to present a well trained and conditioned dog to the best of the handlers ability.

This course is aimed at empowering the owner handler in bringing out the best in their dog during those few minutes when the judge is evaluating their dog. It teaches the handler to emphasize the good points of their dog as opposed to hiding their faults and to present their dog in what appears to be an effortless attempt. It is also aimed at familiarising the owner handlers with the show ring routine, ring procedure and ring etiquette whilst providing their dogs with an opportunity to socialise and train in a controlled environment.

The course is spread over a total of 11 sessions: 1 theory session and 10 practice session


Covers the theoretical aspect of showing dogs. It explains aspects of the breed standard, ethics in the show ring and gives various tips on training and exhibiting dogs.


Various exercises aimed at socialising the dog in a show ring setting. It involves several exercises which are aimed at ensuring the dog is shown in a proper way and thus maximizing its potential. Positive re-enforcement is used throughout to ensure that show ring training is a positive experience for the dog.

Courses are run by Leeandra Mifsud Mizzi, an experienced handler both locally & abroad. Leeandra holds an interest for all aspects of conformation shows and is also involved with judging in the UK. Besides completing various judging assignment in the UK in several breeds, she also attended various seminars in the UK in relation to judging and passed the exams organised by The Kennel Club (UK).

Leeandra also holds a Diploma in Canine Studies by a UK college.



Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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