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Behaviour Modification Consultancy

I've met one too many dogs that have been placed in sanctuaries, abandoned or even put to sleep because of some behavioural issue. Like us humans, dog can suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Phobias, temperamental issues etc. Unfortunately most of these problems are brought forward by lack of knowledge from the owner and/or breeder. Many owners watch a TV program or browse the web, hoping that they will find the magic solution for their dog's behavioural problems, but not always one can find the best answer apart from the fact that some techniques used by so called trainers are absolite and can have more negative other than positive effects on the dog/s.

So if your dog has any behavioural problems such as:




Obsessive Compulsive Disorders such as barking, scratching etc...

Or any other behaviour that can be annoying or even dangerous...

Please consider giving your dog a second chance and contact me for an appointment before resorting to anything else which can be hearth-breaking.

For further details please call me on 9944 2426 or use my contact page.


Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I have worked with a lot of dogs and their owners over the years in both  training and behaviour modification & reabilitation, and here you can find some of the testimonials from several of my clients...

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